We love figuring things out, and for us, finding innovative designs and solutions feels more like fun than work the more challenging, the more we like it. Even when we come up with a smart approach, we'll look at ways to improve it. We believe things can always be made better.

our history.

Odic Incorporated was established in 1991 for the sole purpose of designing electronics and writing firmware for high tech companies in the Massachusetts area. Over the years, our clients' mix, needs and locations have evolved, and we have too. We now offer full turnkey design and development, including taking products through to production and the entire lifecycle.

We've assisted over 200 companies across the US—a mix of large corporations, startups, and everything in between—so there's a good chance we can help you, too.

our Name.

Odic is the adjective form of "ode", which is a song of praise. Odic translates to "like a song of praise". Chosen by Odic's original founders, our name represents the values we live by.

  • One cannot separate ethics from day-to-day work issues
  • People's personal lives and families come first
  • Honesty and integrity should be reflected in everything we do