Our diverse experience in all areas of embedded electronics allows us to contribute to product designs for a wide group of industries. Some of our projects are shown below, though out of respect for the confidentiality of our customers and their sensitive or not-yet-shipped products, we can’t share many of our favorite designs.



Wearable and wireless technology - Pedometer / Activity tracker

Client: Virgin Pulse®

Odic designed and developed the electronics and firmware for Max, a pedometer that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for wireless communication. Even though the Max has a graphic screen and a BLE, it operates for many months on a single button-cell battery.  


RSA SecureID network access token  

Client: RSA Security®

Odic redesigned the electronics in RSA’s SecurID token to take advantage of a lower cost processor and to significantly increase manufacturing throughout by greatly reducing programming and test time. Carefully designed firmware allows the SecurID to run over 5 years on a small coin cell battery.


Timex Heart rate monitor chest strap

Client: Timex ®

Odic developed the firmware for the Timex-designed electronics in this chest strap, transmitting heart rate to a watch. Extensive power management is included in the firmware design. 


Timex Women's fitness watch

Client: Timex®

Timex hired Odic to write the firmware in this line of watches since we were already familiar with the low power processor they wanted to use.


Wireless infrastructure for toys

Client: Large toy company

Odic developed helped add Bluetooth Low Energy to several well known toys.


GlowCap pill compliance monitor for home use

Client: Vitality®

Odic designed the GlowCap, a smart pill cap that uses low-power RF to communicate with an Odic-designed reminder light that contains a cellular modem. Events from the pill cap are sent to the Internet via the reminder light, and dose schedules are received from Vitality’s servers and passed along to individual pill caps, where reminders are flashed and then beeped when appropriate. One version of the pill cap integrates a flexible E-Ink display that shows daily dosage schedules as well as recent compliance history.


Air cleaning system for COPD

Client: American Innovative Research®

AIR came to Odic with a great idea for killing airborne contaminants, but needed to have the electronic hardware and firmware designed and built. Odic’s development of the ICON included several rounds of prototypes and proof-of-concept circuits that helped guide the system specification.

More Examples, by industry

Many consumer products require small, low power, low cost designs, and area in which Odic excels. Examples include:

  • Physiological status monitor for the US Army
  • Audio and video recorders
  • Tide/temperature watch for Timex

Medical products often start out as a proof-of-concept technology development effort, and Odic is quite active in this space. Examples include:

  • Nitrous oxide generator, generating NO gas from ambient air
  • Wireless EEG monitor, replacing large wired instruments with a small wireless puck
  • Blood coagulation drug tester

Industrial and commercial control products combine processing, sensor integration, some form of user interface, networking, and algorithm development. Our experience includes:

  • Charge monitor and billing system for electric vehicles
  • High voltage utility line power monitor
  • Liquid level gauging system for barges and tankers
  • Internet interface for a legacy fire alarm panel