Portfolio By Industry

Our diverse experience in all areas of embedded electronics has allowed us to contribute to product designs within a wide group of industries. Below is a list of industries with which we are most active, and some products we have had a significant part in developing. There are many more designs we would like to list, but out of respect for the confidentiality of those customers and their sensitive or not-yet-shipped products, they are intentionally being withheld.

Consumer - Odic’s experience with small and low cost designs has brought us many interesting consumer product designs. The key to consumer product design is to get the most out of as few components as possible. We enjoy that challenge.

  • Wireless designs for major toy company
  • Audio and video recorders
  • Molecule kit for science classes
  • Temperature monitor/logger
  • Timex Tide/temperature watch
  • Wearable and wireless technology - Pedometer / Activity tracker
  • RSA SecureID network access token
  • Timex Heart rate monitor chest strap
  • Timex Women's fitness watch

    Medical - Medical products need to be failure-proof and have deterministic performance. Odic delivers both by combining a structured project management approach with proven design practices, for proof-of-concept and R&D engineering. We also recognize that there are budgetary limits to medical R&D, so we undertake medical product design with the same efficiency as any other product for any other industry.

  • Physiological status monitor
  • Drug-compliance monitoring system for home use
  • Medical centrifuges
  • Air cleaning system for COPD
  • Nitrous oxide generator
  • GlowCap pill compliance monitoring system for home use
  • Wireless EEG monitor, with no need for wires to instrument

    Industrial, Commercial, and Manufacturing - Industrial and commercial control products usually combine processing, sensor integration, some form of user interface, networking, and algorithm development, all in a package that needs to operate in a challenging environment.

  • UV lamp air handling system for air purification
  • Internet interface for a legacy fire alarm panel
  • Liquid level gauging system for barges and tankers
  • ChangePoint laundry room point of sale device
  • Charge monitor for electric vehicles
  • High voltage utility line power monitor
  • Portable restaurant point of sale tablet for restaurants
  • Ultrasonic bolt torque measuring system

    Military - Odic has developed technology for the US Army and the Department of Homeland Security. We have combined creative electronics hardware and firmware development with robust design practices. Unfortunately we are not able to describe what we consider to be the most interesting projects or the ultimate users or deployment applications.

    • Physiological status monitor
    • Military pedometer
    • Liquid consumption monitor