Working With Odic

Each project at Odic benefits from all of our collective experience and knowledge. We know when to ask each other for help, so even if it appears one Odic engineer is working on your project, you are actually getting the best of all of us! Just as you would want your engineers to work together and take advantage of each other's strengths, we too recognize that talent is often spread around.

We also know when to look for needed resources within your company, and we don't pretend to know more about your industry than you. It's this spirit of collaboration that enables us to work most effectively. We take advantage of each other's talent and transform that into better results for you.

We charge on a fixed-price or hourly basis, depending on what our customers prefer and what makes the most sense for each particular project. Well-defined projects can often be contracted at a fixed price, while less defined projects, or ongoing support efforts, are typically charged on an hourly basis.

Our rates are based on the Odic resources being used. We have senior-level engineers, mid-level engineers, and technicians available for particular hardware and software development needs. When a project calls for additional expertise not found at Odic, we bring in specialists as needed. Our fee is based solely on the resources that fit your needs, so you won't be paying for senior-level engineers when a mid-level engineer or technician will do.

To find out what Odic can offer to your next project, send us an email or call to speak with an engineer. We'll be happy to take your call.