How do you evaluate an electronics engineering partner? Why should you choose Odic? Working with Odic will provide many advantages over hiring contract engineers or gearing up for in-house design...

Why Choose Odic?



Our Years of Experience

Odic's staff of experienced engineers covers many areas, and we pool our knowledge for your benefit. Our broad experience provides a fresh perspective for your design project. We're flexible and versatile and can supply the solution to any piece of the electronics design puzzle.

Cost Effectiveness

Working with Odic can save you money because you pay only for the work done - without making a permanent investment in staff people, space, facilities, or tools. Our organization is structured so that our billable hours are all productive hours. Average in your own employees' non-productive time over the course of a year - you'll see where some of the savings come from. Consider also that if you plug us into a project only when needed, you'll have a virtual engineering team available year round that only affects your budget when you have actual work.

We're Fast Learners, and Flexible

No two customers have exactly the same need so we specialize in being flexible. We have various skill levels available - with a corresponding rate structure. And we can enter your project at any phase and help when and where you need it most. You can expect us to contribute to your project from the day we meet. We've been brought into so many different situations we have developed keen analysis skills. We know what questions to ask and where to look for answers.

Ongoing Support

We're here when you need support for the work we've done. We design electronic solutions, but our focus is on customer service -- even when the project is over. We aim for long-term relationships. Consequently much of our business is developing new work for existing customers. "What if I need a simple change to something 5 years from now?" This happens quite frequently. When projects are done, we box up our work and document everything, assuming all along we'll be asked to revisit the work in the future. Our staff of permanent employees, (instead if transient contractors) makes this continuity very fluid.

Our Knowledge Is Yours

Who's going to hire back someone who is less than forthcoming about their work? At Odic, we believe that anything you pay for, you own, so we turn over ownership of electronic designs upon the completion of a project. We have no reason to keep designs from our customers, especially in light of our hope to work with them again.