Odic’s experience with small and low cost designs has brought us many interesting consumer product designs. The key to consumer product design is to get the most out of as few components as possible. We enjoy that challenge.

  • Wireless designs for major toy company
  • Audio and video recorders
  • Molecule kit for science classes
  • Temperature monitor/logger
  • Timex Tide/temperature watch

Featured Work


Wearable and wireless technology - Pedometer / Activity tracker

Client: Virgin HealthMiles

Virgin Pulse (formerly Virgin Health Miles) formally announced a wearable health device called Max.  Odic designed and developed the electronics and firmware for Max.  Max uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE or BT-Smart) for wireless communication, and is designed for long life, even though it has a graphic screen and wireless technology.  It functions for many months on a single small button-cell battery. The press release can be found here: http://www.virginpulse.com/our-solution/meet-max


RSA SecureID network access token

Client: RSA Security

Odic redesigned the electronics in RSA’s SecurID token to take advantage of a lower cost processor and to address some known bugs, and we took the opportunity to improve the programming process to run much faster than was previously possible, greatly increasing manufacturing throughput.  The result was a low-cost battery powered device the size of a USB memory stick generates and displays a pseudo-random number once a minute, all while running over 5 years on a coin cell battery.


Timex Heart rate monitor chest strap

Client: Timex

Odic developed the firmware for the Timex-designed electronics in the chest strap.  The firmware performs filtering and analysis before transmitting the heart rate to the watch for display.  Extensive power management is included in the firmware design.  Odic was hired by Timex because of our success with the women’s fitness watch design.


Timex Women's fitness watch

Client: Timex

Timex hired Odic to write the firmware in this product since we were already familiar with the low power processor they wanted to use. In addition to meeting the specification, Odic was able to extend the battery life due to careful power management