What's Hot

Two of the big buzzwords in electronics these days are "Internet-of-Things", and "Wearables". Odic has significant experience with both of these, designing and creating them long before they were named as such.  Wireless and wired devices that talk to each other and to the Internet are considered part of the "Internet Of Things" (IoT), and of course "wearables" are portable devices that users take with them.

Many of these products are extremely small and battery operated, which means they need to be designed for low power from the start, and they relay information from low power sensors to somewhere on the Internet.

Odic has significant experience in various technologies that fall under the IoT and wearable umbrellas:

  • Extremely low power devices, including hardware and firmware designed to function in very power-limited applications.
  • The smallest packaging requirements, using passive and active components that are almost too small to see without a microscope.
  • Extensive use of a variety of "sensors", including movement, light, sound, video, and location.
  • Experience with of all sorts of output devices, including discrete and graphical displays, and haptic feedback.
  • Devices that communicate with each other in various ways. This can be over wireless protocols, or over AC (powerline), legacy wired connections, or the internet.
  • Wireless protocols including Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE or BT Smart), or proprietary protocols at various frequencies to solve specific problems.
  • Cellular modems (M2M) to get data to the Internet.
  • Secure protocols to get information from a sensor to the Internet safely.